🌏 Web3 World

🌏 Web3 World

🗞️ What is Web3 World

Web3 world is a newsletter that simplifies web3 concepts & stories in under 5 minutes.

If you are active on crypto twitter and are tired of bookmarking long product threads you never end up reading, I highly recommend subscribing to web3 world

✍️ Why I started this newsletter

  1. I’m solving a problem that I personally face as an active crypto community member. It can get difficult to keep up with all the different ideas, concepts, and products in the web3 ecosystem. Ideally I try to learn about all of them, but realistically don’t have the bandwidth. Most times, I bookmark a tweet by founders but never get around to understanding the product tl;dr. Simply put, I want to explore web3 in a more creative and personal way away from the craziness of crypto twitter.
  2. Being on crypto twitter recently feels like you are going to a bar every night and waking up hungover the next morning. I mean seriously - it is so overwhelming to browse though an endless barrage of tweets related to SBF/FTX/LUNA/token x. This kind of content makes people subconsciously bearish and bored of crypto. We need to change that! Web3 is soooo much more than just a few headlines and bad actors. There are some magical products being built, open source tools being coded, and landing pages being redesigned right now and it’s been so hard for these contributions to get any attention. Farcaster is a great example of platform that feels like a coffee shop. The community needs to strive for quality discussion.

✅ Why you should subscribe

  1. Learn web3 concepts and stories in under 5 mins with your morning coffee.
  2. Save time by not lurking on Twitter looking for the occasional gems.
  3. Help build the Web3 World community by participating in on-chain content decisions.

👤 Who am I

Hi, I’m Yash! I’m currently working full time on building Web3 World - a newsletter that features incredible web3 founders & creators developing 10x products. I’m also working on a personal blog called The Bigger Picture to practice my writing. I try to publish 3-4 posts per week on random topics or ideas that have been top of mind for me.


Before I decided to become a full time creator, I was the head of research at Chapter One. My focus was to scale out the firms thesis and web3 knowledge base by pushing for a writing culture - check out the Chapter One Library. I also started the Chapter One Research Program through which I worked closely with talented crypto students from around the world. If you’re a student (any degree), I highly recommend applying! I’ve been in the crypto space for 3 years now and have spent a ton of time writing and investigating deep into the ecosystem. Check out the 50+ twitter threads I’ve written on a variety of web3 topics. If you’re new to crypto, you can also subscribe to “12 days of web3” intro course I wrote with Peter Yang.

Before Chapter One, I was a full stack software engineer at Salesforce where I worked on internal analytics. I graduated from UT Austin 🤘🏽 with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer engineering. Please feel free to contact me about anything or just say hi - I always love meeting new people!